How I enjoy being at the airport it is still shopping.

I love the airport.

I love the airport. I also like seeing airplanes waiting to see and fly, so I also like the airport inevitably. I longed long for a worker at the airport. Since it is my hobby to collect air miles on Lyu Mylar and ride with award tickets it is true that if you have a higher ranked card you can use the lounge and use the waiting time effectively, but it is impossible right now. I think that it is the most enjoyable way of enjoying even in the way of enjoying the airport. Also, as my daily massage salon seems to be at various places in Japan's airport, I can also use point cards that I have, so that I should have reflexology for about an hour when I think there is a very long time It might be very luxurious. If you are a big airport like New Chitose or Haneda, it is a lot of fun to watch souvenirs and walk. I like watching an airplane from the observation station when I have time. It's a lot of fun going. I have not gone anywhere in the summer, but I am looking forward to it because I plan to leave by plane on the coming season.

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