How I enjoy being at the airport it is still shopping.

When I was still working.

When I was still working. More than half of the month was in a department called a business trip and was traveling all over Japan. I often used airplanes frequently to travel from business trips to the next business trip. Especially at regional airports, there are few flights and it takes a long time to go to the airport until departure. Work was finished earlier than I thought, sometimes I needed to kill time for nearly half a day. There are two patterns of how to pass at my airport. When I get tired from the work that requires pressure. Leisurely tea time at restaurants and cafes where departures and departures of airplanes are visible. Just barely watching the airplane, I felt comfort that I had settled down. I do not get tired of watching the arrival and departure of the plane for some reason. My boss who was traveling together also said similar things. Such people, there are many. Papato When the work is over and it's fine. Taste only with souvenirs and san! Tasting! Especially, Chitose Airport really liked delicious things and I liked it. Although I am going to many areas, I can not go on sightseeing of the city as I get home as soon as I finish my work. I had a sightseeing feeling at the airport souvenirs and san.

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