How I enjoy being at the airport it is still shopping.

I always use an airplane when I go on a trip.

I always use an airplane when I go on a trip. Since it is quite a distance from my house to the airport, I always arrived at the airport just in case. When I arrive I always blow in the airport. However, it is quite fun to air the airport. Even just watching an airplane going from the souvenir department to the restaurant, the observation room and landing it will not be bored for hours. Also, there are book stores in the airport, so we often kill time while browsing. About the course which is decided generally, after checking the luggage, we finish the meal lightly at the restaurant and hang over the souvenir department. I usually hang around 30 minutes. Then, after viewing the airplane from the observation room bowl, I will go to the bookstore and purchase a book to read in the airplane. However, since it takes a long time to browse, it is Male to actually buy it. In case of light browsing, I purchase 23 volumes and have them entertain me on the plane. About 2 hours and half have passed since I arrived at the airport so that I leave the bookstore, so it is just right to head to the boarding gate. The airport has an image like a department store because various facilities are included for people waiting for a long time. I am looking forward to the time I spend at the airport and I would like to go on a trip.

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